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At Husk Brewing Ltd, we are dedicated to providing local beer
 made with love.
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Welcome to Husk Brewing Ltd

A fiercely independent, family-owned brewery based next to the oldest Dock in London. We are proud to be in an area with such a proud industrial heritage, where the first IPAs were shipped from. Whilst using traditional brewing techniques, we like to create our beers with a modern twist, and we only use the best quality ingredients. 

We believe that a good beer should be packed with flavour, but above all it should be balanced. This is what we aim to achieve in every beer we produce. All our beer is brewed and bottled in-house by hand, with the utmost care and attention. 
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Quality beer
made in-house

Established in 2015, we make, distribute and sell a variety of quality beers across the whole of London.

Please Contact us to quench your thirst.

delicious beer

• Traditional brewing techniques
• Made in-house
• Quality natural ingredients
• Friendly staff
• An ever expanding beer range
Beer for fermentation

the beer to life

At Husk Brewing Ltd, we love to make delectable beer and bring people together to share good times and create community, in a responsible, sustainable manner. Keep an eye out for our next open day, where you can get a taste of the brewery environment. 
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